FASTer Way to Fat Loss


I am really enjoying this program so far. I feel better, more energy (despite having a horrible cold) and am happy to be eating “clean”. I look forward to learning more about nutrition and healthy eating as I lose weight and feel better all at the same time!
I like learning how to utilize nutrition with the exercise. This program does an excellent job teaching the balance and the how and why of the concept. I had a good experience.
Definitely starting to learn how different foods affect my body. The program definitely gets easier as you move through it. I still get a little tired & grumpy on my low carb days, but weirdly, not hungry or hangry or anything, just tired. Hoping to finally change my eating habits for the better once and for all.
— Tyran
I think this program has great potential to help women meet their goals but I was naive to take on such a structured program with so much to learn and change during the holidays.
— Jen Bjerk
I have enjoyed the balance of fasting and working out.
This program has allowed me to make a lifestyle change. I am confident that I will be able to follow this and maintain a healthy and active lifestyle going forward. Thank you Tessa for all of your words of encouragement! I not only achieved my goal....I exceeded my goal! Yay!!
— Jessica
Love how this program has taught me so much about healthy eating & fitness! I’ve learned so much!
This experience will long term change my life. It is a wonderful balance of all things. Although at times I feel like I’m trying to solve a rubix cube I can see that it can be done. I am pacing myself at what works for me knowing as I gain more knowledge and make each one a habit it will just improve my quality of life. So glad I invested.
— Amber
I have learned tons with this program & all makes perfect sense! It has made me conscious of eating healthy & encouraged me to fit in the workouts! I have lost, pounds & inches but the best part is I feel great & have lots more energy!
— Franci

4 Weeks to Wellness


Tessa Richter Guevara, thank you for this program, it has, without a shadow of a doubt helped me laser in on a big sensitivity.

Holy hell y’all. Down 13 lbs since we started and some inches. Down one full pants size. Bra is getting loose too!!!

It works!
— Kate Grigal
Tessa you have completely motivated me to care for myself & given the tools on what I need to do & how to do it! You are awesome!!!
— Franci Walzel Denio
I have so enjoyed this 4 week journey with you ladies! For those of you that shared your recipes and your secret alternatives I am forever grateful!! After completing this 4 week program, I have lost a total of 8.3 pounds.
— Jessica Wheeler