Mother's Day

Happy Mother’s Day…



So this is my very first blog post! Hooray!! I wanted to dedicate my very first blog post to my mom. I am who I am today, because of her. I am so thankful for what she did for me and how she continues to mother me from heaven. She taught me many things. My favorite trait that she instilled in me is fierceness.


I am a very spiritual person, I have a strong faith in God and am fiercely independent. The fierce trait, I have learned through parenting my own children, is something a child is definitely born with. However fierce without nurture fades. Fierceness without independence eventually gets stifled and covered up by the world's demands to conform. This eventually leads someone who was once confidently fierce, doubtful and therefore responding to the external expectation for forced perfection. Ask me how I know? If there is one ideology that I cannot stand, it’s that of perfection. Perfection is an external response to outside expectation, while fierceness is 100% internally driven by a desire to succeed at a task. For me, I prefer fierce over perfection any day and always.


Fierceness is authentic, I am glad that my mom nurtured this trait so I know, as a mom, to do this with my own children.  I do this for mine, just like my mom did for me. Her nurturing and always encouraging me gave me an insane amount of confidence to believe that I could literally do anything.


I have to say that in recent years, I've not been as fierce as I would have wanted to be. But with the challenge of becoming a FASTer Way to Fat Loss coach, I once again had to “tap in” and rediscover my fierce side. Let's face it, it sounds crazy, a full-time working mom with little bandwidth wanting to be a virtual wellness coach? Insane, right? I'm glad that I "doubled down and took a leap of faith, adding virtual wellness coach to my list of credentials. I enjoy coaching my clients. And, I deeply enjoy being a source of encouragement to women in a world that is not always kind or gracious. I love coaching them to be fierce! 


So if you are reading this, be fierce. Be fierce in all you do, think, feel, and dream for. Be fierce in how you parent and how you love your husband and family. Just be fierce in all you do.



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