The Supplement I CANNOT Live Without and Why You’ll Love it Too

Collagen peptides is one of my favorite supplements that I absolutely cannot live without and I’m going to tell you exactly what makes it so healthy and such a great choice to use.

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Collagen peptides are an excellent source of protein and can be consumed a few different forms. A good bone broth that you make at home or buy it off the shelf in dried form. I like the dried form and Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides is the brand I use.

The benefits of using collagen peptides are numerous.

Collagen will support the repair of your tissues, promote strong bone growth and reduce systemic inflammation.

Collagen is also very gut healing as well by helping repair leaky gut.

Collagen can reduce appetite by flooding your body with protein keeping you feeling full.

Collagen also works in the brain as well to combat your fight or flight system. Whenever you get excited or fearful about something and your heart starts to race, that's fight or flight. Glycine is an inhibitory transmitter that helps to calm anxiety, and will also have an inhibitory effect to help you sleep better.

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Tessa Guevara