How to Increase Metabolism

The number one thing that I see that women do on a daily basis that will derail their metabolism is under consuming food. The thought behind it is that if they cut calories down to next to nothing and then hop on the treadmill for hours on end, it will help boost their metabolism. Let’s take a minute and talk through this thought process.

What is metabolism? Metabolism is the physical and chemical processes involved to maintain a living organism, and it will make stuff that our body needs to fuel from food that we intake. We all have one, and it is based on several different things such as age, gender, muscle mass, and BMI. Some of these things are in our control(yay!) and some are out out of our control(BOO!).

One of the things that you can control is your muscle mass, which is a primary focus in the FASTer Way to Fat Loss program. As you build lean muscle mass, your metabolic rate will increase as well as your overall metabolism as a whole.

When you think that what you’re doing isn’t working, you look at your fitness routine, your diet and ask yourself “What can I change?” I prefer to coach clients develop a sustainable, healthy, positive focused lifestyle with endless results No short term fixes here, in the FASTer Way to Fat Loss®, you will want to be in it for the long haul.

In the FASTer Way to Fat Loss® Program, we go over all things metabolism and how to get your body to work for you and not against you!

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Tessa Guevara