Achieve Your goals - 3 steps to help you get started today!

It’s the beginning of the month, and along with setting new goals, I wanted to share three action items that you can implement today to start achieving your goals TOday and PS, these will work the rest of the year!

Here is the back story to this post:

I watched a woman this week at the school pick up, exit and then made a quick left hand turn. She made the decision to come across 4 lanes of traffic to get to where she needed to be in the last second!

This got me thinking about how women pursue the things they want. Take for instance the woman in the car, willing to risk life and limb to get to where she wanted to go, I wondered if she pursued the desires of her heart and her goals the exact same way.

When my clients are having a hard time accomplishing their goals, this are the steps that I have them think through.

#1 Write out what’s holding you back

Sit down, think, meditate, take a long walk, IDENTIFY what is holding you back and write it down. You know what it is. You know it better than anyone. Write it out. Accept that whatever it is has been running your life for too long. Don’t let that be the noise that controls what you do and don’t do in your life. Develop the passion towards your goal regardless of the noise (And there is a lot of noise!)

#2 Write down what you’re good at.

What do you love? What are you good at? If you struggle with this, ask a trusted friend or mentor. Focus on what you already do well and start to brainstorm how you can use that to help you and then others….just like on the airplane.

#3 Give up perfection.

Perfection is a facade. It isn’t real! Step into your own skin. Do what makes you happy and leave the naysayers on the sidelines.

#4 Stay in it for the long haul.

Achieving a goal is not like placing an order on Amazon. You can’t overnight a goal. Take it one day at a time and watch the domino effect happen in your life! Go for the goals, each and every day!


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Tessa Guevara