Clear Out That Pantry

Many of you are well into your resolution for clean eating in the new year. Whether it’s ditching the drive-thru or packing a lunch for work, you know that commitment requires follow-through. Clean eating starts in your pantry. I want you to get your home base right and you will find greater success.

As I study for a certification in Nutritional Therapy, I am reminded again and again of the role that food plays in our health and longevity. The ultimate goal is to maintain what we start and make a lasting change!

Here are some tips to set your pantry up for success!

Canned Goods

  1. Throw out the expired items - if it has expired or is close to expiring, TOSS IT

  2. Look for BPA free cans - BPA is a proven hormone disruptor and banned from children’s products, but grown ups don’t need it either!

  3. Buy organic canned items. My recommendation to keep your cost down is to buy generic. Many chain grocery stories carry their own line of organic items. You don’t have to shop at Whole Foods to get orgainc canned goods.

Boxed Items

  1. Remove the refined sugar - I realize you might want to hang on to some cane sugar for baking, but eliminate the sugary mixes, cookies, bars, and crackers that have sugar in them.

  2. Search for healthier baking items - there are many alternative flours, baking mixes and biscuit mixes that are much more nutrient dense than those our moms used.

  3. Purchase alternative sugars - I love coconut sugar as a replacement to refined cane sugar. It has a lower glycemic load and better nutritional value.

  4. Eliminate any artificial sugars - Repeat after me “Splenda is Splendumb” remove all of those pesky packets of fake sugar that are horrible for your insides. Your body will thank you for it.

  5. High-fructose corn syrup needs to take a hike! - This cheap sweetener is in everything. The food industry would love for you to believe that it isn’t that bad, but it is! Stop purchasing boxed bars and fruit snacks with HFCS in it.

  6. Remove any “low fat” labels - if you have low fat products it actually is a synonym for “I have sugar in me” so quit the 90’s diet mentality and eat quality whole foods that have healthy fats.

  7. Read all the labels …. even in unsuspecting areas like your canned spaghetti sauce, ketchup, pickles, etc.

uplevel your oils

  1. Extra- Virgin Olive Oil - in a dark bottle because it is light sensitive

  2. Cold-Pressed Coconut Oil - it should be in a solid state on the shelf

  3. Crisco - throw this away

  4. Vegetable Oil/Canola Oil - Throw out the vegetable oil as well. These are hydrogenated oils and are not heart healthy.

Soy isn’t healthy

  1. Read your labels and remove items that have soy in it

  2. Soy lecithin is in everything because it is a cheap emulsifier. You will especially notice this in chocolates. Stay away if you can.

  3. Soy is a proven hormone disruptor. You don’t need that and neither do your kids.

Eggs, milk, diary

When it comes to the quality of eggs, milk and butter you want products that come from animals that have been free-range and grass-fed. The better the quality of life for the animal, the better the quality of product you will consume.

The benefit of quality foods out weighs the cost of bad health.

I’m passionate about helping people have healthy things at their fingertips. It’s critical to have wholesome food in your everyday consumption. I hope you have learned from this article. If you have any questions, please let me know!


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