How to Love Yourself When You Make Mistakes

This month I’ve been sharing a message of self-love to all my people. I think it’s something we don’t do enough! I hear myself congratulate a co-worker, lift up the spirits of my kids, cheer on a client and praise my husband. But do I ever celebrate myself???



Matter of fact, what I typically hear inside my head sounds a lot more like a bitchy woman I wouldn’t even bother to be friends with!

My sneaking suspicion is that you have this going on too!

Here is a personal goal that I have for myself to improve on: finances. Yes I’m in my 40’s and I still struggle with a budget and getting everything in a balanced spreadsheet. Well, last week I was super proud of myself for accounting every dollar and getting our family budget all laid out. Until I realized I scheduled a payment that I didn’t track and the whole dang thing had to be redone and recalculated! Oh my lord, I beat myself up for that! I heard my inner bitch say, “You’re horrible with money” “Why do you even bother, you’ll never get better” “Everyone else can do this, why can’t you?”

You get the idea. Things got pretty rude and I felt really down about myself. Until I stopped and investigated the REAL facts. Making a payment is always responsible. I am not actually horrible with money, hellooooo it wasn’t like I took the monthly budget to go play high-stakes poker in Vegas. Millions of Americans struggle with their family budget. I am not alone. The fact that I am trying to do better means that I am already half way there!

Ladies, I don’t know what your goals are for yourself, but I know that if you don’t start filling your own cup up, you won’t get very far. We have to treat ourselves with kindness and grace. Life is tough. Let’s give ourselves love.

Here are some tips for increased self love:

  1. Stop the inner-bitch with a mantra you say to yourself

  2. Be kinder to your body

  3. Look yourself in the eye and smile, say “I love you”

  4. Surround yourself with others that build you up

  5. Follow happy accounts on social media. I am loving @fredandfar


If I were my own client, I would never give the advice to quit because I made a choice I hadn’t accounted for! Imagine if I told my FASTer Way to Fat Loss® clients to quit because they didn’t log a meal out with friends?! I would literally never do that. I would say “Good for you!” tomorrow, get your nutrition back on track and celebrate food freedom.

Here’s what I know for sure:

You are amazing.

You are beautiful exactly as you are.

You are smarter than you give yourself credit for.

Please continue to love yourself even when you make mistakes. Afterall, we are human beings and we aren’t perfect. Everyone has struggles and pains other people know nothing about.

  • Tessa

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